Safety is the most concern of Phu Thang’s commitment and implementation at work. Phu Thang’s management and operating activities are focused on providing the necessary means to implement a culture of safety at all levels.​

With the experience of 30 years, Phu Thang’s quarries are being mined in the safetiest way which has been built up for long-term operations and it is also the use of best mining technology with the most experience man recruitment.


Phu Thang believes quarries are the heart of everything in our business. Phu Thang main source of supply is its own quarries, which allows it to guarantee the supply of strategic materials; have a better quality control and manage large-scale projects.

With a strategic vision, Phu Thang always pioneers in mining technics and machines. Phu Thang ensures the production line is keeping updated, invested and implemented advanced technics and machines to meet customer’s requirements with the highest efficiency. This is also demonstrating Phu Thang’s commitment to innovation and the development of new products and materials for its customers.


The remarkable 30 years history of Phu Thang in the industry has made us become one of the most reliable suppliers for natural stone in Vietnam. Phu Thang has been blessed with a reputation for ethical and responsible in business and trusted by local and international customers.

Our mission is to bring the fame of Vietnam’s natural stone to the world with our skilled and professional teams that support customer best services, quality and competitive price and to ensure customers who work with us, they work in their comfort zone.


We are now offering the best Vietnam’s natural stone to prestigious construction companies, architects and wholesalers in local and international markets mainly Europe, USA, Middle East, Australia, Korea, Japan and Thailand.

With the market trends, beautiful nature looks of stone origins Vietnam and reasonable price, new customers from markets all around the world are coming to us. 80% of our products are being exported to oversea market and the volume of its is increasing every year.

What do our board members care about?


Chairman of the Board

The world’s natural stone market is paying more attention to Vietnam. It is considered as an advantage as well as a big challenge for Vietnamese natural stone producers. The quality of natural stone processing in Vietnam is generally not high due to a number of quarries are licensed to inadequate owners and small-scale enterprises that lack of capabilities and substandard methods of mining.

Phu Thang’s mission is to bring natural stone of Vietnam to the world. Through out 30 years of history, we believes it is always essential to take the long-term view, to have a strong sense of direction of travel and priorities, and to recognise the imperative to continue to invest and to innovate.

In today achievements and efficients, we are recognised as one of the top producers within the region. However, we still know where we are compared to the international level, so that we still, does not only invest in our machine and infrastructure, but also improve our faculty by enhance human resource management.


Chief executive officer

At Phu Thang, we always put our utmost care to leverage our resource, to ensure product quality, and to achieve production efficiency.

To leverage our resource and ensure product quality, we are constantly searching for new technology and idea that can make the best use of resource and enhance our products at the best quality control.

To achieve production efficiency, we bring administration and management to a whole new level by  heightening enthusiasm at work. Our staff actively interacts among themselves through cross training to enhance their company product knowledge and work processes. We make sure our staff immerse themselves in understanding the important of customer’s needs especially product quality.

Towards this end, Phu Thang’s leadership always believes in three dimension which make us today-successful: employees first, customers second, and company third. Thus we always bring the best care for our employees’ life who make the best products for our customers, so that Phu Thang can be granted the priority choice from customers and employees.