Phu Thang., JSC was founded and had launched its first machine in 1988 in Thanh Hoa province where is the heart of stone quarry area in Vietnam. Over the years Phu Thang has developed significantly to become one of the leading and reliable natural stone producers in the country. Nowadays, Phu Thang owns three factories with advanced machines and five quarries for various kind of natural stone such as: Crystal White Marble, Multi Color Marble, Blue Lime Stone, Black Basalt and various types of Granite.

With the history of 30 years in the industry, the experience gained has enabled Phu Thang to evolve and adapt to meet customer needs and becoming one of the country’s leading producers of natural stone.

Phu Thang produces and supplies to customers all forms of natural stone such as rough blocks, slabs, standard size and cut to size tile. All types of finishes are provided with our production operation including: polished, honed, flamed, antiqued, bushed, blasted, tumbled and sanded. A high degree of quality control, material selection and packing is maintained strictly at Phu Thang to ensure all products are up to international standards.


With the experiences and passions Phu Thang had to become a leading natural stone producer in Vietnam that comes with a wide rage of stone types by acquiring more factories with high technology machine and quarries around the country.


To bring the fame of Vietnam’s natural stone to the world with our skilled and professional teams that support customer best services, quality and competitive price and to ensure customers who work with us, they work in their comfort zone. 

To create a professional work place with caringness for employees and the environment that contributes a better life to the society.